Emulating Newton Devices

GitHub Link: Einstein is the Emulator for NewtonOS 2.x which ran on MessagePads MP130, MP2000, and MP2100. Running on MacOS, Linux, MSWindows, iOS, and Android.

GitHub Link: Leibniz is an emulator for the Runt based Newtons – OMP, MessagePad 110/120/130, Motorola Marco, Sharp ExpertPad, and even the NuBus ARMistice boards.

Emulating Classic MacOS

On MacOS, use BasiliskII. Details will follow.

On other platforms, BasiliskII is also the tool of choice, but it may not connect to Einstein.

mosrun emulates the MPW developer environment on MacOS, Linux, and MSWindows.

Emulating Windows 95

On Linux and macOS, try Wine.

I could not get NTK to run on MS Windows 10.

Note to self:

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